Food History 3: Waffles!

Hello, my lovely readers! Its been a long time since my last post but as promised, here’s Food History 3!
Today I’m gonna tell you a little bit about the history of waffles! I got this information together for a research project I had to do for culinary class. I found out a lot of cool stuff about some of my favorite foods that I never knew before! (Check out my last blog to find out more about the project and the history of apple pie!) Most of this information is from this lovely website called the Food Timeline!


The original waffles date back to the 12th century! Most people think that waffles are from Belgium but the first waffles were actually Greek! The Greek made flat cakes cooked between 2 irons called obleios. The obleios became the waffles we know today in the 13th century when a craftsman forged the irons into a honey comb pattern. Around that time, the French also started making waffles. The French waffles were very light pastries cooked in buttered waffle irons. They formed many patterns into the waffles. Even things like religious symbols and family crests. They were served very hot on religious feast days. Midevil cook books suggest that these waffles were a savory pastry often made with cheese.
Belgians had been known for their waffles since 1818 but Belgian waffles as we know them today were introduced in 1958 at the New York Worlds fair. They were thicker and fluffier than normal waffles and were topped with whipped cream and strawberries.
In 1620, Dutch “wafles” came to America with the Pilgrims, who spend time in Holland before sailing to America. The name came from the Dutch word “Wafla” which means “a piece of honey bee hive”

In 1789 Thomas Jefferson returned to the U.S. from his position as Minister to France. Along with a long-handled waffle iron that encloses the batter and gives the waffle crispness and shape. This started the trend of waffle parties, where guests can enjoy their waffles sweet (with maple syrup or molasses) or savory (topped with kidney stew).

In 1911 the electric waffle maker was invented and pretty soon it became a common household appliance.

In 1953, Brothers Tony, Sam and Frank Dorsa introduce frozen toaster waffles to supermarkets throughout the United States. They were originally called “Froffles,” but people started referring to them as “Eggos” because of their “eggy” taste. The company was purchased Kellogg in the 1970s and the name was changed to “Eggo”.

Today, maple syrup is still the traditional waffle topping but people are branching out and making delicious things like chicken and waffles!

Chicken and Waffles


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