Kakes Before Candy

Cookie CakeI’m so excited! I’m finally starting my business! Last week I made two cakes for people who are actually paying for them!
The first order was a cookie cake for a man turning 88 years old! His daughter lives in Florida so she asked me to make a cookie cake for him from her since she is unable to be there for his birthday. I mean don’t get me wrong, this is not my first time selling a cake that I made but this is the first cake order for Kenzie Kakes! I feel like my business is officially official now!
Just think, this order is the first of many many cakes I will make in my life. This is the start of Kenzie Kakes! The next order was a big first too. It was a doberge cake. I’ve always wanted to make a doberge cake but I never got the time or the money so I was so excited that I got an order for one. It was for our neighbor’s granddaughter named Maddie who was turning 10. She wanted a caramel chocolate doberge cake so that’s what I made! She didn’t want any thing girly so I made it as mature as possible while still keeping a whimsical feel to it.

10153084_681885638534197_1909929529517549896_nDoberge CakeI used this recipe and used a caramel butter cream instead of chocolate. This was not only my first time making a doberge cake, (or even a cake with more than two layers) it was also my first time making a custard, a ganache, and a caramel sauce! Since there was so many firsts involved, there were bound to be a few oopsies along the way. On my first try, the cake tunneled so it was super dense and tough and it only made 2 layers. Thankfully, I had just learned about tunneling in culinary class so I knew that it was caused by over mixing and I had to start over again. The next time I made the cake, I was very careful not to over mix and it turned out so much better. (It was still a little dry though. Next time I will use a different yellow cake recipe for this.)
When I made the caramel sauce it looked and tasted perfect so I used it for the butter cream but then when it cooled it got sooo grainy that I just had to throw it away and start over. The next try turned out a lot better. Thankfully, the custard only took one try and it turned out wonderfully. I put the cake together (without the ganache) and let it chill overnight Friday night. The next morning I made the ganache and put it on the cake. I was supposed to let the ganache chill a little before I decorated but I got impatient so I decorated with butter cream stars and chocolate chips. It looked beautiful but two of the decorations slid down the side of the cake by the time I got it delivered… It still looked pretty though and Maddie loved it! Everyone loved it, even me. (I got to go to the party) It was probably the best tasting cake I have ever made and I am so proud.


I know what you’re probably thinking now, “But Mackenzie, This weekend was Easter! Weren’t you going to make Easter candy like you said in your last blog??” Yes, my dear reader, I was. But I just had to accept that sometimes real cake orders are more important than my own side projects. Besides, I can always make candy bars any time I want but its not every day that someone orders a doberge cake. I’ve been dying for an excuse to make for a long time and now I’m gonna get paid for it! Win Win!
I did have a fun Easter though. The “Easter Bunny” brought me lots of candy and an iTunes gift card and then I got all pretty and we got together with Origins people in the park. It was a lot of fun and we had a lot of good food. When we got home I spent some time with my brothers and we rode our bikes and then watched Doctor Who. Best Easter Ever. 🙂



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