The Vinegar Obsession

Last weekend, I volunteered with NOCCA at the Home and Garden Show. We set up a booth and we sold the jellies, jams, pickled vegetables, and other canned things that we made in class. It was a really great experience that definitely brought me out of my shell a little because we had to talk to people and tell them about our products and our program at NOCCA. It was fun but the best part was when we got to walk around and see the other booths. Most of the food booths had samples so we got to try a lot of great food. They had a few pepper jelly booths so it was fun to try them all and decide which was best. (I think our NOCCA pepper jelly was the best!) They also had a fudge booth, a snowball booth, a beef jerky booth, and a Vitamix booth. At the Vitamix booth they made a really good chocolate smoothie. It had avocado, spinach, and kale in it but all you tasted was the chocolate!
They also had a lot of cool booths that weren’t selling food. They had a Miracle Whisk booth, an aroma therapy booth, and a bunch of different booths that sold kitchen, home, and garden appliances.
I wanted to buy all the things! Everything was really cool but I have to say, my favorite thing was the Oil and Vinegar booth. Oil and Vinegar is a store that sells… oil… and vinegar. But they also sell spices and honey and their oil and vinegar is A-MA-ZING! They had little pieces of bread that you could dip in the oils and vinegars to try them and they were so good! You know you’re a culinary kid when you start fangirling over oil and vinegar. My favorite was the strawberry vinegar. It’s sweet but not overpoweringly sweet and you can really taste the strawberry flavor. So I bought it! It was pretty expensive but it was worth it!

When I got home I made a strawberry and roasted kale salad with a strawberry vinaigrette that I made with my strawberry vinegar! I mixed the strawberry vinegar and some olive oil with some honey to emulsify it. I cut up some tiny strawberry pieces in there and I added a pinch of pepper to bring out the strawberry flavor. I’m really picky about my salad dressings but it turned out wonderfully if I do say so myself!
You really know you’re a culinary kid if you spend your Saturday night making vinaigrette and kale salad with your new vinegar and then you hide your vinegar in your closet so nobody steals the deliciousness… If I ever went to the actual Oil and Vinegar store, I’m pretty sure I would spend all my money there… What can I say? A girl’s gotta have her oil and vinegar.

Mise en place!

Strawberry and roasted kale salad with strawberry vinaigrette!



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