Gardening Adventures 2!

Hello! So, in my previous blog, I told you about my interest in growing my own food and the garden we have started for our homeschool science class. Well, it wasn’t really a garden yet when I wrote my last blog. We planted a bunch of seeds in red solo cups and they had just sprouted up. But now our seedlings have grown a lot bigger! They were growing too big for the cups so it was time to plant them in the back yard. We planted some in the ground and some in pots. I’m so excited to see how they turn out!
They are doing really well so far. We have lost a few along the way though. Two of the roma tomatoes died in the cups and the lavender isn’t doing very well outside but other than that, all the plants are growing beautifully! We have been checking on them, watering them, and making sure they have enough sun every day. We bought some expensive worm castings from the farmers market for the plants and we even talk to them! I think it’s funny how a garden has become part of our family. Stay tuned for Gardening Adventures 3!


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