Gardening Adventures!

Hello everyone! I just came back from visiting my grandparents in Florida. My grandparents have a farm with an orange grove, a garden, and a cow. So today I’d like to take a break from just writing about my adventures in baking and tell you about my interest in growing my own food! Most of my memories from when I was a little kid are of playing with my cousins in the orange grove, picking oranges, helping my family in the garden, and feeding the cows. So I guess I have a little bit more experience with things like that than other “city kids” but I always want to learn more. I’ve always been pretty fascinated with where food comes from and how vegetables and fruits grow.

While I was in Florida, I helped my grandparents plant corn and pick tangerines. I also got to taste the first orange from a baby orange tree. I learned that the first oranges on orange trees aren’t very sweet until the tree matures a little bit. Oranges really amaze me. An orange is a food and a drink all in one! It’s so cool to peel an orange and look inside at all the little sections and veins and juice sacks. God made them already separated into bite sized sections for us! I’m a bit off topic now but my point was that things like oranges grow in nature. They’re all natural with no preservatives or additives, just nature’s fruits. I think that’s really cool especially because you can grow them in your own back yard!

Our Plants

This year, my family and I have started growing a little garden for our homeschool science class. We are growing three different kinds of tomatoes, three different kinds of peppers, parsley, basil, lavender, and lemon cucumbers. We started them as seeds in red solo cups with soil and water and now they’ve grown into little sprouts! We water them every day and keep them inside by the window where they get lots and lots of sunlight. They are getting pretty big so soon, we will plant them in the ground outside.

Growing our own plants has been really fun so far but I’d really like to get some more experience with gardening. I have been thinking about volunteering and becoming a member at NOLA Green Roots. NOLA Green Roots is a nonprofit organization that teaches people how to grow fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a community garden and a little farmers market. My family and I took a tour of their garden and it was really cool. They have all kinds of vegetables and fruits and they even have chickens! They let us try a carrot from the garden and a little bit of cauliflower and we bought some fertilizer for our plants, some eggs, and some cauliflower. I think I’m going to register to be a volunteer there very soon.

I think it’s really cool that you can taste the difference between vegetables from the store and vegetables you grew yourself. In my culinary class we talk about things like that a lot and they really encourage us to grow our own vegetables and stuff. It’s so much healthier without all the chemicals and pesticides and genetic modification and all that scary stuff. We watched a video in class one time where a man was picking strawberries and he was required to wear a hazmat suit because of all the chemicals. Isn’t that scary? Things like that make me want to just grow everything for myself. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll have my own farm!


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