Fire truck cake!

February 11th, 2010, a little boy named Caleb Paul Jeffries Hyman was born. This little boy is my little brother! It’s hard to believe that Caleb is already 4 years old. It seems like just yesterday I was holding him for the first time at the hospital! He can be a little loud and crazy sometimes but he really is a good boy and I love him so much!
Last Tuesday was his birthday and I wanted to make him a special cake! Ever since I made my other brother Levi’s Minecraft birthday cake, Caleb has been asking me to make him a fire truck cake for his birthday. He wanted “a chocolate fire truck cake with strawberries inside” so that’s what I made! I used the same fudge cake recipe that I used for the Minecraft cake (in 2 round cake pans instead of one big rectangle) and I made a strawberry filling. For the strawberry filling I cut up some strawberries and brought them to a boil with some sugar and then added corn starch to thicken it. It made something sort of like a thin strawberry jelly. I used the Wilton buttercream icing recipe for the icing. I love this recipe because it’s easy to make and its perfectly white so it’s easy to color.

When the cake was done and cooled, I put a thin layer of icing on top of the first layer of cake so the filling wouldn’t soak into the cake. I also put a ring of icing around the outside of the cake to prevent the filling from spilling out but I soon learned that this method does not work when you accidentally put to much filling in the cake. The poor little wall of icing was no match for the wave of strawberry filling that came out as I placed the top layer of cake on it. Long story short, it took almost all day to ice the cake because every time I would ice it, the filling would seep out and I had to scrape it off and try again. Finally, I got it to look half way descent and covered up the mistakes as best I could with cute little flames. Then it was time to draw the fire truck on top. I kinda cheated on this part. I drew the fire truck on a piece of paper and traced it on parchment paper with piping gel. I transferred the piping gel to the cake and traced that with the icing that I colored black, red, blue, and yellow. (Here is a tutorial on how to transfer piping gel.)

It took forever to make but Caleb loved it so mission accomplished! Happy Birthday Caleb!!! 🙂

Caleb blowing out his candles!


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