Restaurant R’evolution!

Restaurant R'evolutionSo this past weekend I had my first real fine dining experience! My mom and my step dad’s boss, Mr.Greg and his wife took them out to diner at Restaurant R’evolution as a gift and invited me! I didn’t quite know what to expect. In my imagination, fine dining places were all like the restaurant from the Disney movie Ratatouille. I knew that it would be nice but I wasn’t quite prepared for what I was about to experience.

When we got there and we were waiting for our table we went out into the courtyard. There’s a courtyard right in the middle of the restaurant! There was a beautiful fountain and beautiful trees and plants. It was amazing. Before, when I walked down the streets in the French Quarter, I always wondered how people stand to live so close to the street. Now I know that a lot of the houses have cute little courtyards! Walking into that courtyard made me feel like I was being transported to Old New Orleans.  I wish I had a courtyard in the middle of my house!

Finally a waiter led us to our table and pulled out our chairs for us. The staff did pretty much everything for us. That was a bit awkward for me at first but I got used to it. When they seated us, they gave us these cute little cushions to put our purses on! It was so cute! The drink menu was an iPad. I thought that was really cool and modern despite the “old New Orleans” feel of the restaurant. Our waiter, Kevin was awesome. I’m obviously not old enough to drink so Kevin told them to make a drink specially for me. It was like a citrus ginger thing. After we got our drinks, they brought out the amuse-bouche (I was the only one that knew what that meant because I made some at Carnivale Du Vin. Hehe.) Then we ordered our appetizers. We got beer battered crab beignets, hog’s head cheese, burrata cheese with caviar, and the trio of seafood. I was a bit reluctant to try some of it but I tried a little bit of everything and it was all good. My favorite was the crab beignets, they were amazing. My least favorite was the caviar. I’m not a fan of caviar.

Turbodog Stout Chocolate Cake

Turbodog Stout Chocolate Cake

Next we got our entrees. I got the blackened gulf shrimp risotto and it was so good. Shrimp is my favorite seafood and the risotto had a perfect flavor with a perfect balance of spice. I also tried a little bit of everyone else’s entree. My mom got the triptych of quail and that was reeeeaaallly good. I was very surprised that I liked it so much. My step dad got the seared sea scallops and foie gras. I surprisingly liked the foie gras but I’m really not into scallops. (To me it feels like eating a giant earlobe or something.) Mr.Greg’s wife Mrs. Barbara got the risotto like me but Mr.Greg got rotisserie duck and that was probably my favorite of the entrees. It was really tender and you could really taste the good rotisserie flavor.

Finally it was time for dessert. At first we were so full that we thought we didn’t have room for dessert but then we saw the dessert menu and we had to have some. My mom and I shared the turbodog stout chocolate cake with turkish coffee ice cream and fresh raspberry salad. I’m definitely a dessert person so this was my favorite dish of the night. The cake was so moist and fudgy and I’m a real sucker for coffee ice cream.

John Folse and IWhile we were eating we talked to our waiter and told him that I go to NOCCA for culinary arts ad this was my first real fine dining experience. He said that he could give me a tour of the restaurant and the kitchen and maybe let me meet John Folse! (See, I told you Kevin was awesome!) So when we were finished eating he introduced us to John Folse. We told him that I go to NOCCA and that I want to be a pastry chef. He was so friendly and kind to us and he said that I could come and work at his restaurant on weekends! I was kinda speechless! That would be such a great experience! The desserts there were amazing and if I worked there I would be making some of those amazing desserts! I’m really nervous though! The first time I ever go into a fine dining restaurant, the owner offers me a job! What are the odds?

So after we talked to him, Kevin gave us a tour of the restaurant and the kitchen. The interior design of the restaurant was so amazing. Each room had a different theme and it was so pretty. He took us to the chef’s table which is also the chef’s office. It’s a room with a full view of the kitchen. Inside the room was a big table and bookshelves with big books and autographed things from famous people who have been to the restaurant. The kitchen was awesome too! All the equipment in the front was a really unique shade of red. Kevin told us that the color is called “R’evolution red” and it is owned by restaurant R’evolution. (Yes. Yes, you can own a color.) When we went in the back of the kitchen I got to meet some of the pastry people and see what it was like back there. Everyone was really nice and it was amazing.

I’ll never forget my experience at Restaurant R’evolution and I hope that I can go there again. Maybe next time I’m there I’ll be “behind the scenes”. 🙂


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