Minecraftacular birthday!

 Levi and I

Levi and I in 2007 and 2011


November 2, the anniversary of the day I stopped being an only child (also known as my little brother’s birthday.) I don’t mean that in a bad way though, I’m glad I’m not an only child. A few siblings here and there keeps life pretty interesting, especially with Levi. Even though we fight sometimes I know he has my back like I have his. He’s a pretty awesome brother (and I’m not just saying that because Saturday was his birthday.)

Minecraft cake

The Finished Product


For Levi’s birthday I wanted to do something really special but I didn’t have money to buy him a present so I decided to make him something. It wasn’t hard to decide what to make him. Can you guess what it was? Yep! It was a cake! What kind of cake you ask? Well it was sort of a cookie cake but it was also a chocolate cake and also a rice crispy treat cake. You see, my brother is obsessed with the game Minecraft so I wanted to make him a Minecraft cake. I looked at different ideas on the internet and did my Minecraft research and this is what I came up with.

All the mommies at the party got their phones out and took tons of pictures of the cake and then it was gone in less than 10 minutes after singing happy birthday. Everyone loved it especially Levi! Mission accomplished!

All gone

All gone

How did I do it? Well I’ll tell you.

I used this recipe for the cookie cake. I loved it but next time I will probably use a different recipe that is a little softer and makes a bigger cookie cake.
I used this recipe for the chocolate cake because I wanted something pretty dense so I could carve it easily but I also wanted it to taste good. What’s more dense and yummy than a fudge cake? Everyone loved it. I will definitely use this recipe again.
I used the Wilton’s buttercream and chocolate buttercream icing recipes for the icing. (I added a bit of honey to the chocolate one and used Hershey’s special dark cocoa powder)
For the rice krispy treats I just used the recipe on the back of the rice krispies cereal box.


In progress


I just cut the fudge cake into different sized blocks that looked minecraftish and stuck them together with the chocolate icing. I dyed my white buttercream icing green and used a little grass tip to make some grass on it. I used the rice krispy treats and blue icing to make a little pond and then I food colored some more little rice krispy treats green and put them on top of Kit-Kats to make cute little trees.
Tada! Minecraft cake!

I had tons of fun making this cake for my little bro and I could tell all the kids at his party had fun eating it. Happy Birthday Levi!!!

Happy Birthday to you!


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